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"Some people joke about racism. I am not much for turning the other cheek. I don't believe in that. If someone says something racial, I have no problem bluntly addressing that person. I give people only the respect they are worth.  If your are an idiot, I am going to give you and idiot's respect.

As my father was an example for me, I will be and example for my son. I will tell him you are going to encounter people who will not like you based solely on your color. They will be intimidated by you, they will fear you, they will want to harm you, based purely on your color. But you've got to live your life.  I don't  believe in being bound by race nor victimized by it. You can't change the color of  your skin. The one thing you can change is the kind of man you are going to become.  Your character will be respected whether you are white, yellow black or red. Then you won't have to look in the mirror to find out who you are.

I am in a business that takes people and puts them in roles based on the color of their skin and I don't know any actor that has transcended race.  No one.  Denzel Washington starred opposite Julia Roberts in The Pelican Brief.  In Grisham's book, the characters were sexualy involved but not in the film. How is the movie better by not having them involved?

I have been proud of my color all my life. I hope my folks are proud of the man I became."


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