Steve Harris has the best lips on televison, so...

Why hide them?


Actress Allie Raye with Steve Harris on the set of the Practice.

This is what Allie told me regarding her experiences with working with both Steve and Ernie:

"Ernie Sabella is a very very talented man, and funny too. He and Steve were the most down to earth. Very friendly and not "snobby" at all!! Just regular people like me and you. It was one of the nicest sets I've ever worked on. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Camryn Manheim, she's my hero :)

Tell you what it was truly like to work with Steve? Well, it was wonderful. An amazing experience. He's funny, but he knows his craft. When it's time to work, and the cameras roll, he's professional. When the camera is off, he's friendly, meets other people and says hi to the extras too. When I asked for a picture, he had no problem with that at all. In fact, he insisted on two pictures! I was lucky. He's just charming and the bottom line is he's a decent human."

Photo used at the permission of Allie Raye

Allie co-starred on the Practice as Marjorie Hooley the shoplifting niece of Harlan Bassett played wonderfully by actor Ernie Sabella

Photo used at the permission of Allie Raye



"It's almost impossible to resist this star of ABC's runaway hit series The Practice.  Steve Harris's magnetism however, is not of the warm-and-fuzzy variety. This former college linebacker with a bod like carved jet keeps us riveted with his brooding machismo and the allure of the brains behind the brawn."

The Men Who Move Us, Mode Magazine, March 2000



Camryn Manheim, David E. Kelley & Steve Harris

This photo is taken from Camryn's book, WAKE UP I'M FAT

"Things seemed to die down for a while. I was playing cribbage on the sly with my fellow castmate Steve Harris whom I taught how to play the very day I met him. (And soon realized I had to stop teaching him all my tricks because he was treacherously using them against me.) It hurts me to confess that he would go on to beat me over and over again, and part of my debt was to call him "El Capitan" and say "You are my master and I will always serve you." Camryn's book, WAKE UP I'M FAT


"The framers of the Constitution did have vision, but they didn't see everything when it came to African Americans. In fact, they only saw three-fifths of the picture as stated in Article 1 Section 2 of the Constitution of the United States of America. Slaves only counted as three-fifths of a human being.

This Black History Month, let's celebrate the fact that America is writing a new chapter that eventually will let everyone see the whole picture." 3-Fifths  Steve's PSA for Black History Month on ABC

"I business proposal for you. Location? Your office. Frequency? One hour a week or two. Your assignment? Show interest, offer guidance, have fun.  Bottomline, you'll change a kids life and yours. Mentor a child. Give something back. Put children first." - Steve Harris PSA for ABC's Putting Children First


Talented, Fine and Domestic, too? What more can a girl ask for in a man like Steve Harris.


Steve Harris is the King of his Castle!

What can I say, but da brotha is FINE!


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