Transcript of Steve Harris on The View 3/15/00


Star Jones: The Practice star Steve Harris is finally on The View. And you need to know that he is as hot and wonderful in person as he is on the screen.


 Star Jones: There are two things I hardly ever miss a Nicks game and The Practice. It is truly in my heart one of my favorite shows for a lot of reasons. One of them being Steve Harris. He plays Eugene Young the tough fast talking, win at all cost attorney. He can be vulnerable when dealing with issues close to his heart, like is own son. Take a look.

Segue to a scene from The Practice episode: "Committed"

SHARON: You ok?

EUGENE: No. I had to look my son in the eye and ask him if...Sharon, I couldn’t know he didn’t do it. I, I’m just not as connected to him as much as I use to be.

SHARON: Eugene we both had to ask.

EUGENE: I just wish I was here more for him.

Star Jones: Wow this is a perk of the show. Please welcome Steve Harris!

[Steve walks in with a sexy swagger and a boyish grin. The audience is on their feet applauding. He sits down on the couch next to Star Jones.]

Barbara Walters: Well, unfortunately the rest of us are here.

Steve Harris: And that’s beautiful.

Barbara Walters: When I was reading about you and I am a big fan of The Practice too. I think, if you watch it once it’s like peanuts, you have to keep watching. But when they first gave your part, it was an ok part and you developed it more. The kind of vulnerability we saw and you said that you wanted to make it a part of yourself. So, what do you when they just give you a script to make it important to you?

Steve Harris: For me the main thing is to try and be right with this character, Eugene that I helped create, and so I want him to be well rounded. I want to make him full. And so I take the script and I look at it and they give him the closing argument and the big ta la ti do. I have to put myself into it real deep to understand what Eugene would do, as to oppose to just what Steve Harris would do. And then I play around with that for about two or three days and then I go argue with David E. Kelley.

Barbara Walters: Yeah, considering he is the writer.

Steve Harris: Yeah, and then we try to put out the best product. So, far so good. I would like to see him be a little fuller this year and next. Hopefully, we’re moving toward that way.

Star Jones: I would like to see him with along term love interest.

Steve Harris: Volunteering are we? (Laughing)

Star Jones: (Laughing) Yes

Steve Harris: (Laughing and acting silly) Did you hear? We heard.

Barbara Walters: Are you married?

Steve Harris: No.

Barbara Walters: What about along term love interest off screen (pointing to Star) l have to think about her.

Steve Harris: Yeah, what about that? (to Barbara) What was your question?

Star Jones: Don’t start Steve.

Steve Harris: (Laughing and teasing) No, no, ah

Barbara Walters: After the show. (Jokingly)

Steve Harris: We’ll discuss it. (Laughing) Very good.

Star Jones: He said that he was going to get me back for this one.

Steve Harris: No, I’ve been trying to get that, as a matter of fact, a love interest on the show to make him more personable. And so, you can see that side and I would get to play with that side, uh, we have haven’t gotten to it yet. Hopefully we’ll get to it within the next years time. And I’ll get to play around and see actually if I could pull that off on screen.

Star Jones: Hehehe

Steve Harris: And see how much fun that could be. So, uh, I’m actually looking forward to it. (teasing Star) She’s nervous. You can see that she’s nervous. You ain’t never seen little Star nervous have you? Look at her. (Laughing) Alright!

Barbara Walters: Yes, we have. Yes we have.

Joy Baher: But you are the only one who doesn’t have a love interest, but everyone else does.

Steve Harris: Me and Lisa Gay. Lisa Gay Hamilton who plays Rebecca, she doesn’t have a love interest. I don’t know why we haven’t touched on that to be perfectly honest. I don’t know why the writers, David Kelley or the other writers to the show haven’t addressed that as of yet. But hopefully they’ll look into it and wanna fill us out a little bit. And I think once you have that happen, more people will want to know more about that particular character. Because work is one thing and home life is another and on television you need to have, they need to see everything.

Joy Baher: As before in our conversation, would you play a gay character?

Steve Harris: Would I play a gay character?

Barbara Walters: (to Joy, laughing) That was not our conversation.

Steve Harris: (laughing) That was a nice segue. Like I wasn’t watching. Would I play a gay character in film or television? Yeah, I don’t see anything wrong with that. It would be a task in order to take on, but it’s an acting job. And that’s what I’m going to do. You know, I think actually its quite interesting. My manager actually wants that to happen. To see if I can pull off and play and do these type of things and we have to give it a shot. I don’t think that my mom likes hearing that though. Mom we’re just talking about a show.

Meredith Vieira: You talk a lot about your mom. What has she taught you about women?

Steve Harris: Mind your manners.

Meredith Vieira: Yeah, that’s a good one.

[A picture of Steve Harris and his mother Mattie Harris appears on screen.]

Steve Harris: Yeah, my mother is wonderful. My mother and father helped raise me. I give them credit for whatever the best part of me and then the rest, I did on my own. (applause) Thank you.

Star Jones: I know sometimes when I’m watching the show, you deal with some serious issues.

Steve Harris: Yes.

Star Jones: And recently you’ve dealt with the issues of race.

Steve Harris: Yes.

Star Jones: Do you find it difficult to embody what it needs to put that out there on screen?

Steve Harris: Well, yeah sometimes I feel it’s difficult. I’ve actually had a couple episodes where I had to deal with race. Where I had to go back and look at the perspective of where it was written from, and the perspective where we need to go. And have a discussion about that. It cost a lot to put that out. You have to sit it out there. I take it upon myself as a responsibility to put that out the best way I know how with the flavor I think how an African American male would deal with it. And Eugene Young in particular, how he would deal with it. And a lot as a lawyer, it goes against the grain and then you get to come back to it.

Star Jones: I have to tell you that I watch it and you do a wonderful job.

Steve Harris: Thank you.

Star Jones: Makes me very proud to see you.

Steve Harris: Thank you.

Star Jones: I did get a little anxious. Thanks to Steve Harris my palms are sweaty. You can see him on The Practice every Sunday night on ABC 10’oclock eastern time.



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